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Guided mountain tours, sometimes accompanied by your innkeeper. Hiking tips and recommendations are available on request from the innkeeper. We can lend you a free hiking map for your lovely hiking trips.

Free guided Alpine summit tours every Thursday from May to late October for you.

Nature hiking tours are offered 1-2 times per week from May to October.
Wonderful fruit picking hiking tours, herb hike and farmhouse excursions take place in the Passeiertal.

The Hirzer cable car takes you to over 2000m high Hirzer plateau. From there many beautiful high alpine hiking tours begin.

Mountain biking

Guided mountain bike tours are offered free of charge from the hotel on request.

  • Daumen hoch Guided Alpine summit tours with free guide
  • Daumen hoch Nature-adventure walks 1-2 times per week from May to October
  • Daumen hoch Herb walks and fruit picking hiking tours in Passeiertal
  • Daumen hoch Guided mountain tours, sometimes accompanied by your innkeeper.

Some hiking destinations

Waltner trail - Culinary hike to enjoy in Walten, below the Jaufenpass

Enjoy in addition to the diverse nature amid magnificent mountain scenery, the hospitality in the Waltner inns. Enjoy a diverse hiking tour with lots of interesting landscape impressions and views.

starting point: Gasthof Alpenrose in Walten in Passeier / End point: Gasthof Alpenrose in Passeier. Starting at Gasthof Alpenrose the path leads towards the church. Just in front of the Church at the small store make a turn to the left and between the meadows go further until you see the settlement houses "Sagstatt" in front of you. At the small chapel turn right, going uphill through the woods and via the Ortsweg to Auerhof, continue to Wanserhof. At Wanserhof between field and forest return to Innerwalten and from there about 200 meters along the sidewalk to the Jägerhof. From Jägerhof turn left and follow the signs. Initially at an altitude without significant slope about 30 minutes through very varied terrain (mountain meadows, pine and spruce forest). After about 30 minutes, the path moves along the Roman road that in turn leads to Jaufenpass. After about 200m, follow the signs and turn to the left and then about 100m uphill along the meadow path and then through the very beautiful forest path to "Santlhof". Go further down the meadow path to the Gasthof Alpenrose (starting point). The tour can be started from several starting points. Length: 8.5 km.

To Pfandleralm - Where the Tyrolean freedom fighter Andreas Hofer was captured in 1810.

In the area of St. Martin in Passeier, on the eastern slope lies the stately farm of Hamlet of Prantach whose highest courtyard is the Pfandlerhof. Pfandleralm, our hiking destination, is a part of this farm which takes approximately one hour by walk. This alp is a beautiful, not very large mountain meadow surrounded by woods and has a rustic alpine inn built in its present form a few years ago and has another, slightly higher old log lodge. Although the latter is not used, but it has that historical significance, which has also been mentioned in the inscriptions of two memorial stones. Since Andreas Hofer, the leader of the Tyrolean freedom struggle against the French and Bavarian foreign rule, had withdrawn here to avoid capture by Napoleon.

From the bypass at the southern edge of St. Martin in Passeier keep following the marking 1 on the Prantacher Höfestraße down to Passer and then partly on the Höfestraße, partly on the short pavement through woods and meadows up to the crossroad near a looping road; now move right towards the last farms (Gruber, Pfandler) and through the woods up to Pfandleralm (refreshment point). - Descent: As during the ascent, back to the mentioned crossroad, the E 5 marking following through forest to the north down to Pfeiftalhof, turn left here to Route 4B and later 1A westwards across the yard Haselstauder to the broad Passerweg, this leads to the bridge and back to starting point.

San Leonardo - Sant' Anna / Pfistradalm

Sant' Anna / Pfistrad, the renovated old Kaser in the high valley of Pfistrad at an altitude of 1,350 m, is a living alp museum. It is most probably the oldest wooden hut in South Tyrol and contains remnants from medieval living and mountain farming

Startpunkt: starting point: Tourist office St. Leonhard / end point: St. Anna / Pfistradalm. Cross the main road, up the stairs and the St. Barbaraweg to the church, past the Brühwirt (street to the left) and at the elementary school to the right along the Happergweg and after hotel Sonnenhof, left along the hiking route no. 13 to Schnitzerhof. From there, to Larcherhof and along the Forstweg or along the Waldweg to St. Ann, keep following the route no. 13.

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